How God Can Introduce You To Your Future Spouse Without It Taking Forever

Four Part Masterclass With Proven Strategies For A Supernatural Way To Find A Spouse

If You Are Single Or Single Again - Or Know Someone Who Wants To Be Married, Then This Masterclass Is For YOU!

In just 4 hours you will be encouraged and equipped by 4 significant strategies.

  • Part 1: Our Story


    • proven strategies that connect you with the supernatural
    • how God positions you so you can be in the right place at the right time
    • several ways that God confirms you are on the right path
    • how you can know when you've met the right person
  • Part 2: Remove Self Judgments


    • why self judgments mess with your ability to make solid decisions
    • how to recognize which ones are blocking you now and how to unblock your heart
    • a court of heaven process to remove them permanently
  • Part 3: What Do YOU Want


    • how to uncover your true and authentic desire for the right person
    • what stops you from being completely honest with yourself and how to breakthrough that
    • a proven way to get clarity about the kind of person you want to marry
    • a simple process of clarifying until you can 'see' the person
  • Part 4: Create With The Holy Spirit


    • what language the Holy Spirit speaks and with what accent
    • your part - His part in the creation process
    • how to know you're on the right path 
    • a simple daily exercise that renews your mind and builds your trust

Here's Some Of The Comments From Masterclass Live Participants

"One big 'aha' was that we don't need to search for the person, and to pay attention to the little hi-lights"

C.W. (woman)


"For me the 'aha' moment was that we can be super specific and that God already created that person, and we only need to ask Him"

M.G. (man)

The Netherlands

"Thank you! I feel breakthrough even today. There is really something special about taking the desires to the Father in an intentional focused way. It really is giving Him something to work with. I still feel Him working today. This was so worth it for breakthrough in my relationship with God too!"

A.L. (woman)


"One thing I'm grateful for after the Masterclass, I'm not feeling delayed anymore! I have this feeling that I'm right in the middle of God's timing. I am at peace. I'm actually enjoying the creating process with Holy Spirit. I'm full of anticipation. I'm like a child at Christmas waiting to see what's in that gift box!"

V.V. (woman)


"Interesting how to co-create with Holy Spirit, never heard it this way!"

B.S. (woman)


"What stood out to me was removing our own judgments of expectations. Creating the list of our future spouse, knowing the Holy Spirit wants OUR desires for that person."

E.M.  (woman)

United States

"I have been putting myself and my imagination on the altar... asking Holy Spirit to burn off all defilement before going to the Father. Our imagination can easily go our own route... so I truly appreciate the prayer framework you presented"

O.G. (man)

United States

"What stood out for me was when we learned the 'Jesus Question - what do you want me to do for you?' I never realized I avoided choosing by not allowing myself to develop that picture! This evening a lot happened - but I feel my autonomy is back, or here for the first time!"

T.S. (woman)

The Netherlands

"Thank you Jesus for reminding me of your love for me!  I'm really trusting God now more than ever before. Hallelujah!"

K.D.  (woman)

United Kingdom

On Demand MasterClass

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You receive the following...

  • 4 Live Sessions Recordings of a Private Facebook Group

    Each 45 minute session is broken into 2 parts of about 20 minutes, so it's the perfect length for morning devotions or just before bedtime watching.

  • Lifetime Access to the videos of the Masterclass

    Your videos are uploaded to a password protected area where you can access them any time.

  • Lifetime Access to the MP3 Audios of the Masterclass

    Your MP3 audio files are uploaded to a password protected area where you can access them any time. Plus you can download the audio and put it on your phone and take it with you when you are out for a walk or driving somewhere.

  • Your Copy of the Notes and Slides of the Masterclass

    You will also receive the slides from each of the sessions to review and add to your learning. Plus the slides are  downloadable to print off and add your own insights to them.

Love Matters...

Finding Someone to love, and to be loved by that someone, is one of the great blessings of this life. The reason it’s a blessing is simple: You matter, and someone other than you is in on that big idea. Thats where the blessing is.


Love is a wonderful thing. Being loved, wanted, and needed are a few of the fundamental needs every human being has.  When you are loved the sunshine is brighter. You walk with a spring in your step. You are optimistic about your future.

Loves Purpose...

When you love someone you have a greater sense of purpose. Your days take on a greater meaning. Your work serves a greater cause. All of this is because you are no longer living for yourself only, and taking care of your self only, now you have another person to share your life with, and what you do matters to them as well.


You deserve this kind of happiness. You CAN have God's best for your life. 



How God Can Introduce You To Your Future Spouse - Without It Taking Forever!


You'll be glad you did.

You get Lifetime Access to the Videos, Audios and Notes for the entire Masterclass


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