The Most Predictable And Consistent Way To Solve Most Of The Problems In Your Life Is To Obtain And Execute The Rulings From The Court Of Heaven.

From the Desk of:

Greg and Val


Most Of The Problems You Face, Especially If There Is Injustice Involved, Can Be Solved With A Ruling From The Courts of Heaven. Jesus Said That The Father Will Rule In Your Favor And Quickly. (Luke 18:8)


Our course will teach you how to successfully obtain the rulings you need.


And it doesn't seem to matter what kind of problem you are dealing with right now. We have seen the Lord help people - just like you - with rulings that have given them results like this: 

  • Their loved ones have been saved, and this is after they had prayed for them over and over again - sometimes for decades. They're happier now that their loved ones are walking with Jesus. You'll learn how and why you can do this too.
  • They received healing,  including creative miracles. Things like cancer, mental illness, congenital issues, diabetes, gut issues, chronic pain from accidents that happened years ago... having their life back to normal has been the greatest blessing. Having your life back to normal is what matters right now - our course will help you to get you on the right path.
  • Finances - so many financial issues LOL. Inheritances restored, money repaid, back wages recovered, businesses prospered and so much more. Peace of mind will become your new comfort zone when this is functioning in your life - even if you have tried and failed many times. A ruling from the Court of Heaven changes the rules of the game.
  • Relationships were restored. They told us about how much nicer it was to not be fighting anymore. How nice it was to enjoy being together again without barriers between them. If you want this for yourself - it's here waiting for you.
  • Injustices were settled once for all time. She said that she finally felt vindicated! She had suffered sexual and physical abuse as a child and never felt like anyone heard her or stood up for her. "After all these years - I feel like God has finally vindicated me and I feel at peace in my heart." Her face was beaming with joy. This can happen to you too, because you are God's favourite.
  • Legal battles have been stopped or avoided. We even had one time when the case was before the courts and it did a full 180 in the favor of the person who went into the Court of Heaven for justice from the Lord. Can you imagine how happy they were? You'll sleep better at night if this were to happen for you.
  • Generational curses and oaths have been broken and people were delivered. You'll learn how to legally deal with things like this to help yourself and other people the Lord will bring into your life. You'll never feel powerless again.
  • and so much more 

Maybe your situation is on this list.


Whatever the case may be, the power that is available to you through the Courts of Heaven cannot be ignored. 


The solution to your problem is a ruling from the court of heaven for your specific situation - like the widow woman in Luke 18:1-8.


This woman had a problem. A man was trying to ruin her life by attacking the estate of her dead husband. This woman knew that if she could get a ruling from the court, that her problem would be over.


Armed with the court order, she would be able to force the man to stop attacking her life - or he would face imprisonment and possibly liquidation of all of his assets.


She went after the judge to give her a judgment. 


She persisted until he said this: "I don't fear God and I don't care about people, but because this woman is such a pest, I will see to it that she gets justice..."


That ruling was the solution to her problem.


Then Jesus said this:  7 "Now won’t God grant justice to his chosen people who cry out to him day and night? Is he delaying long over them? 8 I tell you that he will judge in their favor, and quickly!


God will JUDGE IN YOUR FAVOR - and it will happen quickly, if you know what to do and how to get into the Courts of Heaven.


That's what we will teach you how to do and it's easier than you may think.


Justice & The Courts Of Heaven Online Video Course

This comprehensive online course will teach you what you need to know about getting real and tangible results in every area of your life through the Courts of Heaven.

Here's What You Receive

Streaming Video

  • 54 Videos that cover all you need to know about the Courts of Heaven
  • Just over 14 hours (15 Sessions) of in-depth anointed teaching that is laid out in a simple, easy-to-understand, step by step process. 
  • Each session is broken into about 15 minute segments so you can pick up where you leave off with no problems and use the video in your devotions
  • You can watch it on your computer, phone, or tablet - so you can take it with you wherever you go

MP3 Audio

  • MP3 audio file that you can download into your phone or onto your computer and listen to it any time, anywhere
  • Make low priority time - like driving to and from work - into high priority time by turning your vehicle into a rolling university
  • Turn your morning routine into inspiration and empowerment by listening to the lesson while you go through getting ready for the day.

PDF Notes

  • You’ll receive a full set of notes for each session and will have all of the key information readily available for when you are studying your bible
  • Create a binder for the entire course of Justice and the Courts of Heaven, and capture the insights the Holy Spirit teaches you
  • Each session has anywhere from 6 to 10 pages of notes - so you will have an excellent reference tool for years to come.

Follow-up Email

  • After each lesson you will receive an email outlining the steps of action you can take to assist you with applying what you are learning
  • This will enable you to get the most out of the course material and experience the full value of what you are learning
  • PLUS... if you have any questions about the material - send us an email - and we will answer it for you.


This Stuff Works!

Check Out Some Of What Has Happened As A Result Of Applying The Information From The Justice And The Courts Of Heaven Course…

Electrical Contractor Gets Blessed By Justice Prayer

Lee has a friend - we’ll call him Bill -  who is an electrical contractor who was owed a lot of money from several jobs that he had completed work on.  He was broke and frustrated.  Lee ended up praying for Bill and asking God to bring justice into his situation.

Bill went to one of the builders that owed what Bill thought was $1500. They told him that they had made a mistake and owed him $15,000. 

Within 7 days, all of his past due accounts we fully paid and his financial situation was completely changed. Bill told Lee that he should get him to pray for him more often

Boy Healed of Autism

I was working in a group home for severely abused children, we were the evaluation place. One boy had severe autism and a horrible home environment. He was 2 1/2 years old and had never spoken, never interacted with others and cried all the time. I took his case into the Courts of Heaven and he not only started communicating,and doing things he had never done before but the Doctors assessed him as being a normal, healthy 2 1/2 year old.


Money Reclaimed

“I had sub-leased my studio space when I moved to Ontario, and the guy I leased to didn’t pay the rent. This went on for a couple of months - then he disappeared.  I couldn’t find him and he owed me over $1,000. Greg reminded me to take it to the Courts of Heaven. I did that, and the next day he called me - out of the blue, and I had my money the day after that! Praise God - it happened fast!”

National News Confirms

Justice Prayer

In Feb 2013 we had our Justice and the Courts of Heaven students step into the heavenly court and ask for justice for the children in Canada.


Within a couple of weeks this article appeared in the Globe and Mail showing that the Supreme Courts Chief Justice called for an overhaul of Family Law in Canada!


The initial request for the family law overhaul happened a week after the students went into the courts of heaven and asked for justice for the children and families in Canada


(Here are few excerpts from some of the sessions, so you can see for yourself what the course is like before you enrol. Think of it like a Costco sample station. You can have a taste before you buy that box of chocolates!)

Session One - Foundational Perspectives - Your RAS and Valuing The Word of God.  Time: 4:51


Here you learn how the Word of God functions as a window, gateway and door into the unseen heavenly realities. 


A single verse could be connected to an entire realm in heaven. You gain access into these realms through trust in the Word of the Lord. 


You can change the frequency of your life through deep meditation in the Word of God. We teach you how to do this.

Session One: Foundational Perspectives - Greek vs Hebrew Thinking.  Time 2:24


There is a difference between Greek and Hebrew thinking. The problem that you will face is trying to understand heavenly realities like the Courts of Heaven from a Greek perspective. 


You need to view the scriptures from a Hebrew perspective to begin to mine the richness of the treasures of the Kingdom of Heaven.


Knowing what question to ask of the Word of God is the key to unlock the door to the mysteries of God. You'll learn that question

Session Three: The Heavenly Courts and their Locations Part 1: Time 1:56


When I saw the connection between "thrones" and justice, I got excited, because it unlocked some of the mystery around the various theophanies of scripture.


The Supreme Court of Heaven is in Revelation 4 and provides a clear example of how the rulings of the Courts of Heaven function. 


Things are not what you may have thought they were in this place. Often people look at this passage as a place of worship. Worship happens there but it really is a place of justice.

Session Five: Introduction to Seeing In The Spirit.  Time: 3:52


Human beings were created to see spiritually, so you see that way all the time. However, your brain is conditioned to only see through the 5 physical senses. 


In this session you will learn a process with an activation on how to safely and accurately see in the spirit. This isn't just for those who are "seers" - it's for everyone. 


The key is the Word of God. The scriptures provide the road map and the safety net - it's all in the bible already.

Session Six: Protocols of the Courts of Heaven.  Time: 5:07


Like the earthly court system, the heavenly courts have decorum and protocols that need to be followed.


This session reveals a number of insights... like the Path of the Ruling - how Jesus demonstrated what to do with a ruling from Heaven's Court - in His case it was the Supreme Court, and the Function of the Right Hand of God.


In addition you get the 9 steps we have used for many years to successfully obtain and execute the rulings in the Courts of Heaven. There's an activation in this session as well.

Session Seven: Praying Without Judgement.  Time: 3:52


Through a personal encounter with the Courts of Heaven, Val was given the revelation of what it means to pray without judgement.


Everything is with cause - no matter how strange or bizarre someones behaviour is, it is happening for some kind of reason.


Often, sitting at the root of the dysfunction, is some kind of injustice that has not been adjudicated. This is what you will learn to do - deal with those unresolved injustices in the lives of the people you pray for.

Session Eight: Withdraw Judgement.  Time: 4:00


Matt 7:1-3 is true and it happens. When you judge someone, an equal judgement is registered against you in the heavenly court. That's where you are being judged from when you judge someone else.


This excerpt introduces the idea of withdrawing judgements and what it will do for you. When Val did this - she started looking and feeling younger.


There is a process to Withdrawing Judgement that is outlined in one of the bonuses you will receive when you enrol - Withdraw Judgement Prayer Guide and Template.

Session Twelve: Spiritual Warfare and the Courts Time: 2:50


The way spiritual warfare has been conducted in the past needs to change. Too many times, believers experience backlash and counter attacks that are very destructive and unnecessary. It needs to be done legally through the courts of heaven. The battle is a legal one.


We walk step by step through the process of conducting spiritual warfare legally through the courts of heaven.


Session Fifteen: Practical Applications of the Courts of Heaven Time: 13:50


There are many circumstances and situations that the Courts of Heaven can be applied. These range from personal healing to international events.


The strategic application of the rulings of the Courts of Heaven determine the outcomes sought.


This session covers about 7 different categories of life that the Courts of Heaven apply.

And so much more...

In fact, here's a list of the curriculum of the course


  • Learn 4 ways to interact with the Word of God to gain access to heavenly places that each verse is attached to 
  • Get Foundational perspectives related to Greek vs Hebrew Thinking and why you need the Hebrew perspective to understand scripture
  • When you see how God defines Himself as a judge it changes everything, and makes the favour of God easily accessible for you


  • The main mission Jesus was on, and the true meaning of the cross
  • How the system of Judges is from heaven and the Correspondent Reality of Heaven and Earth - this explains why you "feel the glory" in certain ways
  • The prophetic time we are in - and how you can step into your purpose by it


  • Where the Courts are found in the Bible and what their function is
  • The Supreme Court and the Path and Effect of a Ruling
  • The Mobile Court and the Defendants Court


  • The Court of Contention - this is one of the courts Jesus referred to
  • ​The Court of the Purposes of God and how to approach this court to release your purpose in your heart
  • Messiah's Court of Judgement and the Great White Throne Judgement


  • How to see in the Spirit realm safely and accurately
  • ​The way God uses your imagination to get your attention, and how you were created to function in the spiritual and physical realms
  • An Activation to walk you through a 5 Step Process of learning to see in the heavenly realms - its fun, easy to do, and will connect you with God


  • The protocol of making petitions in the Court of Heaven
  • ​The rulings and what you must do with them, or risk nothing happening
  • The 9 Step process that has proven to be successful in all types of situations - salvations, healings, finances, court cases, relationships etc
  • An activation to practise the process of approaching the Court


  • What praying without judgement means and how to do it
  • How you can judge a person the right way - and it's not what you think...
  • The impact of environmental circumstances on behaviour and choices people make
  • A model prayer that walks you through the process 


  • ​What happens when you judge someone, and what God is forced to do
  • How you can legally withdraw your judgements from the courts of heaven - when Val began doing this she started to look years younger
  • A powerful illustration that shows exactly what happens when you both judge and withdraw judgements


  • The biblical evidence of your inner scroll and where they come from
  • The conflict between the inner and the outer scroll that forms around the testimony of our life 
  • Practical steps on how to engage the inner scroll of your life and release your full potential


  • The Defendants Court is where you go when you have accusations coming against you - we show you what happens there and what to do
  • ​You'll learn about the function of the Seven Spirits of God in the Defendants Court, and what they minister to you in this court
  • Also, the ancient adoption process - and why it has been part of our redemption


  • Our Testimony in the Court matters. In fact, the Testimony of Jesus matters even more
  • This session covers the testimony we form in the court about ourself and others
  • You'll learn about what Good and Evil means with reference to testimony - specifically the meaning and function of two Hebrew words - Tov and Rah.
  • You'll learn how to frame your world with the testimony of the Word of God


  • Spiritual Warfare and the Courts of Heaven - why the battle is won in the courtroom and not on the battlefield
  • Bible examples of how battles were won by legal means first
  • ​How to do spiritual warfare and end backlash and counter attacks


  • Learn how to recognize the activity of familiar spirits - the little voices that undermine your confidence - and how to legally cut off their influence in your life
  • ​Gain a practical strategy to engage with the Presence of God in the heavenly realms to defend against and defeat them
  • How they impact your growth and development in God and work to fight against your purpose - and what you can do through the Courts that will permanently end their influence 


  • There are gateways in the spiritual reams that need believers to sit within
  • Learn how these gates function and what needs to happen in them when you find yours.
  • Each gate is attached to a realm of influence that God wants you to have authority within
  • How to legally occupy your gates


  • Practical applications of the Courts of Heaven for the major areas of your life
  • Val and I share from our experience of decades of ministry in all kinds of situations. 
  • We cover healing, finances, family issues, emotional and mental health, spiritual, community/city/state-provincial issues, national and international issues

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 BONUS  Number One 

Withdraw Judgement Prayer Guide and Template.


This downloadable PDF will provide you with the step by step instructions you need to activate what you will learn in Session 8 of the course. It teaches in very practical terms what it means to withdraw judgements, and then shows you the steps complete with a prayer template you can use while you are learning how to do this.


This Prayer Guide and Template has a $20 value - but if you enrol today you get it FREE.

 BONUS  Number Two 

Injustice Locator Worksheet


This downloadable PDF will help you to locate areas of injustice that you have experienced in your life. It's the list of diagnostic questions that we use when we meet one on one with a person.Included with this PDF is a How To video that walks you through the worksheet and shows you how to use it.


Normally this sells for $27 - but if you enrol today you get it FREE

 BONUS  Number Three 

Make Room For The Holy Spirit - 2 MP3 Set


Greg recorded this during a season of personal revival while he was pastoring a local church in Edmonton AB. It tells of the working of the Holy Spirit via the gifts of the Spirit and how you can cooperate with the Lord in releasing heaven on earth.


This 2 MP3 set sold for $20 - if you enrol today - you guessed it - you get it FREE

 BONUS  Number Four 

How To Keep What You Have Received - 2 MP3 Set


Too often Christians receive a miracle from God only to have the symptoms return a few days later and steal their blessing. This teaching will teach you exactly what to do to stop that from ever happening again - OR - to know what to do when it happens so you can overcome.


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Oh... and yes, there is a no questions asked money back guarantee!

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