One on One Sessions Are Now Available!

Fast Track Into A New Experience Of The Courts Of Heaven With An

One On One Session

Greg and Val Kurjata

From the office of

Greg and Val.

Edmonton AB

Dear Friends,


We found there are 2 basic reasons why people seek one on one time with us: 

  1. They feel that it may take too long to go through the online course and learn about the Courts of Heaven process, because their situation is urgent,
  2. They know about the Courts of Heaven, have been trying to get things functioning properly, but have not made the connections to get the results they think they should have, and need some very specific advice about their situation.

No Matter the Reason, a One on One Session Will Provide You With the Answers and Results You are Seeking.

Here’s What Happens And What To Expect In A One On One Session:

  • You will be prayed for daily from the time you book a session with us. Because God loves you so much, He will show us keys and insights that will help you to get what you want and need.
  • We will help you to diagnose your situation. This will happen as we go over your responses to our question list we'll send you, and when we start talking on the session. We try to locate the origin story of the problem(s).
  • Once everything is fully understood, we will proceed into the Courts of Heaven and start the process of legally dealing with your situation.
  • With the help of the Holy Spirit, revelation knowledge will be available to provide insight into what may be blocking or hindering you or your case in any way. Sometimes this is difficult, because it can get very personal. Everything will be kept in the strictest of confidence.
  • We will take your situation - and you - into the Court of Heaven and act as Intercessor for you in the Court. Intercessor in this application implies a delegated authority to act in the Court on the behalf of another person. The function of the Intercessor is to obtain a favourable ruling from the Court on behalf of who they represent, but also to ensure that the results of the ruling are fully executed on their behalf.
  • We will teach you each step of the way - providing you with detailed instructions on what to do, what to say, how to say it, what the intent of your heart should be and how to set that, etc. It’ll be a powerful and educational time for you. You need to know and be fully equipped to function in the Courts yourself and on behalf of other people.

This Is A Highly Specialized Way Of Approaching The Kingdom Of Heaven.​

It takes understanding some of the legal framework in place that makes it all work. We have been engaging with the Courts of Heaven since 2006. Over the past 13 years we have grown in our knowledge and understanding of the Courts, and continue to see supernatural results on personal, community, city wide, provincial and national levels.


Holy Spirit has been an expert teacher and guide into this reality. None of this would be happening without Him. He was the one who first introduced us to the Courts of Heaven. He has been providing continuing revelation, advice, power and insight along the way. There is still much to learn - but we do the best we can with the insight we do have.

Here’s How to Book a One On One Session:

  • Choose a time that works for you. You'll be taken to a Calendar to choose the date and time when you click the button below.

  • The Session Fee is: $300 USD. 

  • Provide us with an outline of your situation via email to

  • We will send you a list of clarifying questions that you will answer, so we are able to make the most of the time together.

  • You will receive a Zoom Video Conference link from us just prior to the meeting time, or if it works better for you to be on the phone - we can do a conference call.

  • The session will last as long as it needs to.

  • The session will be recorded - if you choose, so that you can review it and completely cover the steps needed to get results.

  • You will have ongoing followup support via email.

Order today for only US$ 300.00

Our track record is solid. We have helped people in all kinds of situations:

Financial, family relationships, personal conflicts, work situations, government situations, health, marriage, personal issues, life and death situations, political, business, and many more.


We don’t claim to be experts, though we probably know more than most about this area of the Kingdom of Heaven.  This is simply because of the amount of time and effort we have put into learning about and being continually active in the Courts of Heaven. We learn new things all the time.


You get the benefit of our years of experience of taking people into the Courts of Heaven for powerful results on their behalf.


Book your session today. You’ll be glad you did when your situation is resolved, and you enter into a new phase of your walk in the Kingdom with the Holy Spirit.


Looking forward to meeting and getting to know you soon.


Your friends;

Greg and Val


ps. When you know what you're doing in the Court of Heaven, and can get results, it is a lot of fun AND responsibility. The fun side is you get to work with the Holy Spirit on the things that matter to Him. On the responsibility side you enter into a greater maturity of sonship in the body of Christ. It's definitely worth it.

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